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Butler County Youth Hockey Association
2015 Board Minutes

January 13, 2015


Called to order: 7:00


Egon Kraan [X]

Michelle Deaton (Treasurer, Equipment Manager)  [ X]

Jim Cooper [X ]

Hank Stevens [late]


Dwight Huddleston [ X]

David Marado []

Greg Cox [ X]


Kristen Schwind (Registrar, Webmaster) [X]

Beth Akers [ late]

Joel Kirk [ late]


Ex Officio:

John Mihalik [late]

Ron Spaulding []



Steve Bolyard: Lady Sabrehawks

Marc Tincher: Taylor Metcalf

Rich Bohon: skate up request for next year.


Secretary’s Report

No minutes yet. Hank will get David M. to post minutes to web site.


Treasurer’s Report

$46929 in acct

More score sheets bought.

We do not have the ice bill from the Goggin for Dec

Still owed ~ $72000 in ice fees. How do we encourage payment? Michelle is sending out reminders as needed, including personalized letters.

Last year our balance was about ~ $51,000


Equipment Report

Puck check out system is not working. We are reevaluating the puck system.


Registrar's Report 

Not anticipating any roster changes at the moment.

Almost all coaches have completed their modules and training.


Coaching Coordinator's Report

John Mihalik is leaving to go to Cleveland in 4 wks.


Health/Safety Report

No news on concussion testing. 13 years is the cutoff.


Goggin Representative's Report

Hockey registration opens Monday. (June 7 is first camp).


BTHL Representative's Report

Nothing real to report.


MYHL Representative's Report:

Rep (Marado) not present. Tournament planned and scheduled for last weekend in February.


Old Business:

Fund raising: Egon reports that the Blue Jackets fund raising package (Sat. Feb 28, suite for 16 people, and several autographed items) is ready and will be mailed to the Assoc. PO box.

Laura Jarrell (w. Joel Kirk) will lead fund raising effort (raffle tickets).

Can we get some Miami autographed stuff to include in a prize?


New Business:

The board is investigating how high school club teams (e.g., a Butler County high school club) are formed in other organizations.

Discussion of availability of coaches for 3 Bantam (2 travel, 1 house), 2 Peewee (1 travel, 1 house), and 2 squirt (1 travel, 1-2 house). We need to figure out now which.

We must vote on Constitution 23 January. Beth will then create a final draft. They will then be posted to allow the Association membership to vote on it.


Bylaws should be voted on 2nd wk March



February 10, 2015

Called to order: 6:48pm


Egon Kraan []

Michelle Deaton (Treasurer, Equipment Manager)  [x ]

Jim Cooper [x ]

Hank Stevens [x ]

Dwight Huddleston [x ]

David Marado [x]

Greg Cox [x ]

Kristen Schwind (Registrar, Webmaster) [x]

Beth Akers [x ]

Joel Kirk [x ]

Ex Officio:

Kevin Ackley [x]

Ron Spaulding [x]



Secretary’s Report

  • Accepted with changes

Treasurer’s Report

  • Waiting on latest ice-bill from Goggin
  • Capital Varsity is paid in full
  • $40,000 in outstanding ice fees; Michelle will send email to unpaid players that they must pay in full or set up payment to be eligible for year-end league tournaments

Equipment Report

  • Pucks are not available as they should be; Kevin Ackley suggested splitting them up now and hold teams responsible for turning in what they are given after the season. Teams will be responsible for their own pucks.

Registrar's Report 

  • One player has not played 50% of the season due to injury, we need a doctor’s note for him to play in the league tournament

Coaching Coordinator's Report

  • One coach needs one training module

Health/Safety Report

  • $500 BCYHA gave to Dr. Daggy is for follow-up concussion testing once a baseline test ($25) has been administered. BCYHA can do 100 follow-ups.  We need to locate the software and load it on a dedicated BCYHA computer. Also, we need a trainer to administer follow-up tests. The follow-up includes training the trainer.
  • Beth Akers will contact Stacy at Dr.Daggy’s office and report back in March on the software’s location and training a trainer

Goggin Representative's Report:

  • Ice for try-outs is secured for April 25-26 and May 2-3.

BTHL Representative's Report:

  • Only issue is addressed in Registrar’s report

MYHL Representative's Report:

  • MYHL tournament set, need some volunteers for registration table, music, score-sheet, penalty box and clock.
  • MHYL discussing the possibility of a high school league

Old Business:

Fundraising: For the raffle, tickets are self-print, Joel will take tickets on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  David Marado suggested fund-raising through uptown eateries for the MYHL tournament.

Review/revise association by-laws and constitution: Unanimously passed the changes we proposed, the members voted in favor of the new constitution. Beth will scan in the new constitution.

How can we help make the Taylor Metcalf a success?

  • We currently need two more teams for the tournament, Jim Stearns (Metcalf executor) gave us the charge of getting teams.
  • Kevin Ackley will talk to Jim Stearns about transition the tournament to BCYHA control and about this year’s tournament.
  • Greg Cox will head up the tournament next year.

New Business:

Puck distribution at Goggin: split up pucks for teams now, have teams check their supply back in after tryouts, teams are responsible for pucks

U16 team:

  • Cincinnati league would welcome us back and we have players who want to play for BCYHA
  • Columbus has a competitive league for both high school and JV teams
  • We need to find out:
  1. Is it possible to get into the Columbus league?
  2. Which current plays would want to join a high school team for BCYHA?
  3. Would former player like to join also?

Dwight, Egon, and Kristin will be a subcommittee on the high school team along with Kevin Ackley

Board stipends:

  • Michelle Deaton suggested raising the stipend for some board positions. At-large members currently get $50 off ice fees and executive board members receive more (currently President and Vice President/ice scheduler get $500, Registrar $400, Secretary $300, Treasurer $400).
  • Michelle proposed that we split the treasurer’s position into a Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer and raise the stipend to $1,000 to be split commensurate with the amount of work each position does. Michelle’s term as treasurer and he time on the board end in April.
  • Joel proposed a vote on the position and stipend raise and Hank Stevens seconded; the vote was unanimous.
  • Hank then moved to add a Deputy Registrar position to the Registrar position and raise the stipend for those position to $800 to be split commensurate with the amount of work each position does. The proposal was seconded and unanimously approved.


  • Kevin Ackley will put together a plan for tryouts (no longer “evaluations”) that will feature five independent evaluators.
  • The board voted unanimously to empower Kevin to put together the plan.

New board member nominations

We are currently taking nomination for five new board members (terms expiring: Beth Akers, Michelle Deaton, Dwight Huddleston, Egon Kraan, and Kristen Schwind).

We should look to squirt parent for nominations as they will be with BCYHA longer, presumably. 

March 10, 2015


Board Meeting Agenda

3/10/2015 6:54 PM

Called to order:


Egon Kraan [X]

Michelle Deaton (Treasurer, Equipment Manager)  [7:15 ]

Jim Cooper [ X]

Hank Stevens [ X]

Dwight Huddleston [X ]

David Marado []

Greg Cox [ X]

Kristen Schwind (Registrar, Webmaster) [X]

Beth Akers [X ]

Joel Kirk [ X]

Ex Officio:

Ron Spaulding []

Guests:  Kevin Ackley (TRYOUTS)

Kevin met coaches, got good feedback.  Coaches will pick teams and Kevin and other evaluators will make sure the selections are justified. Keeping this decision to small group--rather than the entire board-- insures quick decisions.

  • Kevin needs help with data entry.
  • We need help with registration, running between rinks, and locker room supervision.
  • Pinnies: Kristen needs tryout teams early so that she can organize pinnies. Kevin offering to loan rink pinnies.
  • Evaluators: Justin Camuto, Patrick Higgins, Zac Sens, Chris Sharon, Jared Sacre, Josh Funk, Dwight Huddleston, Egon Kraan.
  • How can we market it?
  • Price for tryouts: after much discussion we decided on $50 flat fee for all.
  • High school skaters will need a current USA Hockey number or a waiver. This information will be sent directly to these skaters.
  • Make teams from the bottom up. Coaches make calls from the bottom up.
  • We need to communicate to the membership the importance of registering a child for tryouts, REGARDLESS of whether the child can attend tryouts in the first week.
  • Kevin will let the association know during tryouts who the coaches will be.

Kevin is working on post bantam options: Columbus, Cincinnati (change back to CAHA HS Club, with select teams), Buckeye (Pokapec U18 team), TPH. He wants to coordinate plans across these groups.


Secretary’s Report



Treasurer’s Report

  • Balance $38,281,54.
  • Bills paid:
    • $69,011.66 winter ice bill.
    • 2nd half of goalie coach,
    • MYHL refs and awards,
    • entry fees for PW1 and PW2 for the Taylor Metcalf tournament.
  • Waiting on bills from MYHL, Sports Plus, and Dayton So. Metro.
  • Trying to figure out what to do with outstanding family bills. Discussion to use a collection agency for families who refuse to commit to a payment plan.
    • Beth to edit collection letter, commitment letter and to send certified mail with intent to collect before tryouts
  • Awaiting another ice bill in March (~$30,000).
  • Kevin points out that the BCYHA website can handle payments and schedules.
  • We need to make more clear plans before the next meeting so that we include this information in our upcoming registration information.


Equipment Report

  • Pucks came in and were distributed.
  • Kristen will organize pinnies for tryouts.

Registrar's Report  

  • No requests to add players to rosters for post-season tournament play -- a first!
  • Team managers must return notebooks to Kristen or the locker by 30 March.

Coaching Coordinator's Report

See above Tryout information.

Health/Safety Report


Goggin Representative's Report


BTHL Representative's Report


MYHL Representative's Report

Tournament went smoothly. Next year need to coordinate better with sports plus staff.


Old Business:

Fundraising: how was the raffle? All done. Response was that we ran it too late in the season. We made $515. Only 10 families sold tickets.

MYHL fundraising: David Marado distributed some coupons for Skipper’s, Skyline, and LaRosa’s. He reported that he has heard nothing about any receipts. He will contact the three restaurants this week.

Review/revise association by-laws and constitution: next steps? The Board has made comments to the bylaws, and now Cooper, Cox, and Marado will draft a new version of the bylaws  and distribute it one week prior to the June meeting.

U16 team (see above). Henceforth, we will refer to this as “post-bantam.”

Concussion testing costs.The baseline pre-concussion testing program arrangements made for the current season were unsatisfactory.We will explore other baseline testing options for next season

Taylor-Metcalf OK to sell t-shirts.


New Business:

Greg Cox wants to go get a grant for the BCYHA. He will keep us briefed as needed so that we can approve. Kristen suggests we will want to coordinate scholarships with Taylor Metcalf.


(See treasurer’s report - move this there for clarity)

Displaying BCYHA banners at Goggin. Use the shadow box to display material.

New member nominations and posting their bio-sketches: Who are the nominees, and where can we post their bios?

Nominations: 6 nominations for five positions are Schwind, Kraan, Akers, Halley Hallee (sp), Mann, Steele. Kristen will send out the announcement of the ballot. Kirk, Cooper, Stevens, Cox, Marado will count ballots.

A motion that these are voted on, corrected as needed, and posted within two weeks of a meeting. 2nd, and voted to approve - unanimous approval.    

Will add Virtual Votes to each new agenda. 

April meeting will include a review and discussion of skate-up requests.

Motion to adjourn: Greg Cox; seconded, Beth Akers

Adjourned: 9:15pm





14 April 2015

Called to order: 7:18 PM


Egon Kraan [X]

Michelle Deaton[X] (Treasurer, Equipment Manager)  

Jim Cooper []

Dwight Huddleston [X ]

David Marado [x]

Greg Cox[x]

Hank Stevens [x]

Kristen Schwind [x] (Registrar, Webmaster)

Beth Akers [x]

Joel Kirk []

Ex Officio:

Ron Spaulding


Kevin Ackley (Try-out plans and more.)


Secretary’s Report

Accepted via electronic voting.

Treasurer’s Report

$26, 395. 71 in bank account

16 families still owe money from last season

Raises the idea of paying for pond hockey through ice fees.

Have parents sign at tryouts an agreement to pay a deposit upon accepting a position.


Equipment Report

Need to request pucks back from coaches.

Pinnies and pucks for tryouts covered

We have many spare jerseys

Kristin will send colors and and numbers of pinnies to Kevin and the Goggin staff will arrange them


Registrar's Report

All related to tryouts


Coaching Coordinator's Report

  • Kevin and Kristen will organize pinnies, pucks, and registration.

  • Begin selecting teams with coaches. After tryouts, the coaches with Ackley and Egon and Dwight create the final teams. (third team first, first team next, second team last)

  • Coaches approval processes? Coaches. Bantam: Mahoney, Cameron, Coggin III; PeeWees: Moore (Chris Sharon), Guggenbill (?), Sean Poley. Squirt: Poppin.

  • Application for coaches

  • Kevin and Egon already created ice times for next year.

  • Summer ice - Pond hockey.

  • Teams announced and offers made May 6; commitments by May 11.

  • Tryout responsibilities: Beth and Kristin, registeration; David and Hank, data entry; Dwight, Jim, and Joel, lockerroom; Michele, refreshments; coaches will run ice sessions

  • Marado will look into a social media policy for teams


Health/Safety Report

No news about Dagge.


Goggin Representative's Report


BTHL Representative's Report


MYHL Representative's Report

Next MYHL rep will have more responsibility. Rotating positions.


Old Business:

  • Displaying BCYHA banners at Goggin. (No progress. We need to use the shadow box, but no one did anything about it.)

  • What to do about players with outstanding fees? (Discussed, and plan in place.)

  • Meeting minutes: will make a motion that these are voted on, corrected as needed, and posted within a week of a meeting. (Done).

  • New member nominations and posting their bio-sketches: Who are the nominees, and where can we post their bios? (Done).

  • Review/revise association by-laws and constitution: next steps? (No progress.)

  • (update) U18

  • Concussion testing costs. Not yet talked to Dagge.


New Business:

  • Election results: Akers, Hallee, Mann, Schwind, and Steele

  • Fundraising efforts (Greg). Progress with several grants. All grants will go to BCYHA.

  • Skate up requests? Ackley is addressing these on a case-by-case basis (Bantam to Midget, PeeWee to Bantam). In general, skaters tryout with their age group.

12 May 2015


Egon Kraan  X

Michelle Deaton X (Treasurer, Equipment Manager)  

Jim Cooper X

Dwight Huddleston X David Marado

Greg Cox X

Hank Stevens X

Michael Hallee X

Kristen Schwind X (Registrar, Webmaster)

Beth Akers X

Joel Kirk X

Ex Officio:

Ron Spaulding

Guests:  Kevin Ackley


Treasurer’s Report

  • Current balance: $36,734.94

  • Only 1 outstanding bill ($1000), and there is a payment plan worked out.

  • Decision to purchase MD laptop for $300 (which includes Quickbooks software).


Coaching Coordinator's Report

Conflicts between families on Squirt B. Coach Poley has talked with the parents.


Health/Safety Report

ImPACT ™  concussion testing service

100 baselines + 15 post injury  $400

300 baselines + 60 post injury  $600

Board discussed complications associated with working with doctors. Brian Steele ( will talk to local doctors to find someone who can work with the association. Brian will invite them to come to the next meeting (e.g., Drs. Daggee, Grime, Schwegman, Thomson).


Goggin Representative's Report

Fund raising opportunity:
Clean up post game = $300 at least 24 people. Must be at least a 1:2 parent kid ratio. Dates: Jan 3 and Jan 16.  

Pond hockey

6:30-7:40 - 7:50 - 9:00, on most Fridays (8 dates total). Starting June 12, skipping July 3, ends August 7. Non-BCYHA committed kids pay $10.

Cap of 40 skaters. Committed players get priority.


Registrar’s report

Has already notified USA Hockey we will be an organization. Has begun birth certificate verification. Will renew web site.


MidAm Region Sat 20 June in Columbus. Only president (Kirk) or appointed rep can vote. Agenda will be forthcoming.


Pond hockey. Kristen will coordinate lobby volunteers, Brian will coordinate on-ice volunteers.


BTHL Representative's Report

Nothing to report.


MYHL Representative's Report

Mike Hallee will coordinate with Kevin


Old Business:

  • Displaying BCYHA banners at Goggin. - resolved

  • What to do about players with outstanding fees? - resolved

  • Meeting minutes: will make a motion that these are voted on, corrected as needed, and posted within a week of a meeting. - resolved

  • Review/revise association by-laws and constitution: next steps? - Jim and David will post items in advance of next meeting.

  • (update) U18/HS: High school team in flux (9-10 kids have committed, 3-4 on the fence). Exploring alternatives in Dayton and Cincinnati. We need decision from families by June 1. Kevin Ackley would coach high school.

  • Concussion testing costs - discussed under Health and Safety Report above.


New Business:

  • Welcome new board members

  • Election of new officers and auxiliary positions

    • President - Joel Kirk - nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Vice president - Greg Cox nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous. (K. Ackley will take lead on ice schedules).

    • Treasurer - Beth Akers nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Secretary - Hank Stevens nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Registrar - Kristen Schwind nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Asst. Treasurer - Danielle Mann - nominated w 2nd.  No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Asst. Registrar - Brian Steele  - nominated w 2nd.  No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Communications - nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • BTHL rep - Jim Cooper - nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • MYHL rep - Mike Hallee - nominated w 2nd. No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Safe sport - Brian Steele - nominated w 2nd.  No other nominees. Unanimous.

    • Fund raising - David Marado - nominated w 2nd.  No other nominees. Unanimous.

  • Finalize teams

    • Skate up requests - Kristen will complete paperwork and communicate with family.

    • We are missing some commitments. Kristen will follow up and give families until Monday 18 May.

  • Greg Moore coaching application - approved unanimously.

  • Fundraising efforts (Greg) - resolved.


Adjourned: 8:56 PM

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9 June 2015

Called to order: 7:02 PM


Beth Akers (Treas) [x]   

Jim Cooper (BTHL) [x]

Greg Cox (VP) []

Mike Hallee (MYHL) [x]

Joel Kirk (Pres) []

Danielle Mann (Social Media) [x]

David Marado (Fund Raising) [x]

Kristen Schwind (Registrar) []

Brian Steele (Health) []

Hank Stevens (Secr) [x]

Kevin Ackley (CC) [x]


Guests: none


Treasurer’s Report

  • Closed Merchants Bank account and opened account at First Financial Bank

  • Wrote checks to Deaton ($300 for laptop and Quickbooks software), and to Goggin (52K) for last year’s ice.

  • Current balance: 14K

  • 12K of the balance is entirely from commitment fees (includes Sabrehawks, all outstanding fees paid).

  • < 20 families have unpaid commitment fees. Akers will handle special cases.

  • Merchant services should allow us to receive online credit card payments starting July 1.

  • Discussion ensued regarding what to do with money remining at the end of the 2015-16 season. Possibilities include helping to pay for jerseys and other equipment that may be obsolete in the 2016-17 season to to Miami Youth Hockey requirements.


Coaching Coordinator's Report

Discussed Sabrehawks ice time (unallocated because Ackley did not receive an ice time request)

General discussion regarding ice time  allocation

  • No goalie sessions due to lack of attendance.

  • Kevin will organize ice schedule and present it to the coaches for discussion and approval. Little change from last year is expected. He will devise a plan with these criteria in mind:

    • Age- and skill-appropriate hours and frequency of practices.

    • Fairness among teams.

    • Smooth transition across seasons: 2014-15, upcoming 2015-16, and 2016-17.

Board will issue final approval pending Ackley and coaches discussion.

  • Discussion regarding Butler County high school team (BCHS)

    • Close call whether we can field a BCHS team this season. We currently have commitments from 10+1 and need some more.

    • Must decide no later than early Aug.

    • Two potential players expressed interest in trying out for a Dayton team, and Board voted to release two skaters to play in Dayton. (unanimous). Ackley will reach out to those families. It is an open question whether these skaters can make the team and if so, whether the Dayton/Columbus league will allow them to play.

    • BCHS is very likely to field a team this year, especially if the two above mention players join BCHS.


Health/Safety Report

Brian Steele is in conversation with several area physicians to help players and families take advantage of concussion baseline and post-trauma assessments.


Goggin Representative's Report

Please see Coaching Coordinator’s report regarding ice time. We will try to set ice times and thus ice fees as soon as possible so that we can give families a preliminary payment schedule. The goal will be to have all fees paid by 31 December 2015. The online credit card payment system should help families pay fees on time.


Registrar’s report

from an email from registrar (KS)

Rosters: Website rosters have the correct names on them based upon verbal commitment.  They are not yet public as they have not yet been matched with commitment fee payments.  The coaches and board members have access to these rosters.


Pond Hockey: Here is the link for sign-ups for board members and coaches: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10EbPRUnFxzn4BGOdrjczhB1P03IKwl2Km4SHRvikSmw/edit#gid=485174888 At least one board member needs to attend to verify that attendees are rostered and have paid their commitment fee OR pay the $10 participation fee. The dates and times for pond hockey are posted on the website calendar.  [Kristen Schwind] would recommend that we send a reminder communication to all rostered members and post information on the homepage of the website.

Decided that families who have not yet paid the commitment fee can do so at Pond Hockey. Also, for those families, $10 at pond hockey will go toward the commitment fee.


Facebook: BCYHA has a FB page that has not been updated since May, 2014.  I have removed all former board members who were still listed as administrators.  Beth and I are the only two current administrators.  Does someone want to take over making social media posts?  I am only a sporadic FB user.

Beth Akers will add Danielle Mann as an administrator, and they will coordinate posts.


Mid-Am Meeting: [Kristen Schwind] is planning to attend the Mid-Am annual meeting on June 20th.  The agenda is still not posted.  



All skate up requests approved (unanimous).


Fundraising: Our membership needs to be informed or reminded that we have three ongoing fundraising initiatives that benefit the entire association: Kroger Community Rewards, AmazonSmile, and SchwansCares.  Participation instructions should be sent out and posted on the website.

David Marado is investigating a good lead for external funding. These funds could help defray costs of equipment or ice fees.


Jersey Numbering:  

Kristen Schwind is getting geared up to assign and organize jersey numbers.


Website: Right now, our website has no news items on the front page.  This email and the following board meeting should be filling it with plenty of news.



BTHL Representative's Report

JC: Updates from recent BTHL meeting, for the coming season:

  • No fair play points

  • 2 min penalties

  • U16 midget group (8 teams) not U18

  • Trying to have an elite division

  • Will have girls teams

  • Seeding tournament Sep 19-20 (cinci and indy)

  • End of season tournament Feb 19-21

  • Scheduling deadline - Oct 6

  • League play starts - Oct 10


MYHL Representative's Report

Halle: nothing report


Old Business:

  • Skate up requests - Kristen will complete paperwork and communicate with family. Resolved: all requests approved (unanimous).

  • Head coaches for 2015-16

    • Bantam 1: Mitch Mahoney

    • Bantam 2: Mike Cameron

    • Bantam 3: Jim Coggin

    • Peewee 1: Greg Moore

    • Peewee 2: Sean Poley

    • Squirt A: Bryan Poppen

    • Squirt B: John Green


New Business:

  1. Status of commitment fees paid (see Treasurer’s report)

  2. Decision on high school team (see Registrar’s report)

  3. Setting ice fees. (see Coaching Coordinator report)

  4. By-law edits. Beth will explore the formalities of passing the torch to. By-laws have been circulated, and Cooper and Marado incorporated comments.

  5. Concussion testing plan. (see Health and Safety report)

  6. Pond hockey advertising.  (see Registrar’s report)

  7. practice and game ice for 15-16. (see Coaching Coordinator report)

  8. Norton replacing Ackley as Coaching Coordinator in several months.


Adjourned: 8:21 pm

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July xx, 2015



Meeting of 14 July 2015 7:00 PM



Beth Akers (Treas) [x]   

Jim Cooper (BTHL) []

Greg Cox (VP) [x]

Mike Hallee (MYHL) []

Joel Kirk (Pres) [x]

Danielle Mann (Social Media) [x]

David Marado (Fund Raising) []

Kristen Schwind (Registrar) [x]

Brian Steele (Health) [x]

Hank Stevens (Secr) [x]

Kevin Ackley (CC) [x]



Treasurer’s Report (7:05)

  • Balance: $14,061.26. Paid spring ice fees ($52,933.76), check for computer ($300), and two checks for four tournaments ($500, $450).
  • Projected total ice bill, 2015-16: ~$122,000.
  • Beth has been exploring online merchant services through the bank, but it is not looking useful. Beth and Kevin will explore piggy-backing onto Miami’s online system.
  • Budget meeting w Beth, Joel, Kevin, Kristen, Mike N., Hank (secr.) scheduled for Tues 8:30 PM.


Coaching Coordinator's Report (7:31)

  • Butler County High School team is rostered.
  • Ice scheduling -- Current draft of the plan - discussed with coaches:
    • All but two teams have one split and one full sheet. Bantam 1 and 2 have two split and  and 1 full sheet.
    • Durations vary: 50, 55, 60, 70 min.
    • ice cuts after every practice.
  • Ice fees based on ice time assigned to each team, and divided equally among players.
  • Sabrehawks practice and BC high school ice allocation now included. Sabrehawk games are at other rinks.
  • New players and evaluations. One skater evaluated at pond hockey of 10 July, another will be evaluated 24 July.
  • Rosters: Still in flux, but close.
  • Team levels for applications:
    • Popen: Squirt AA
    • Poley: PW  MYHL
    • Moore: PW  A gold
    • Coggin: Bantam MYHL
    • Cameron: Bantam A gold
    • Mahoney: Bantam AA
    • HS: Midget and HS league.
  • BCHS: Jerseys - agreed that they can use reversible jerseys.
  • Discusseddifferent options that a person might be able to do to save money by reusing old jerseys.
  • Discussed options for lettering on warm ups.
  • Teams will handle their own warmups.


Health/Safety Report (8:07)

  • Having considered legal liability, we have decided to merely provide as much information as possible about local providers of concussion testing. Baselines are often available for free or very low cost.
  • Concussion training is required for coaches and board members. National Federation of High School Sports training is recommended because it provides a PDF certificate.


Goggin Representative's Report (8:15)

See minutes above in treasurer’s and coaching coordinator’s reports.


Registrar’s report (8:16)

  • Facebook updates are now commencing, thanks to Danielle Mann.
  • Mid-Am meeting
    • New Safe Sport manual
    • New Safe Sport training
    • Large number of increase in number of infractions over the past year nationwide, but not in MidAm or Butler County. Most infractions occur in locker rooms, most are kids vs. kids. Mid Am recommends having a coach in the locker room. USA Hockey requires “direct supervision”.
    • No Safe Sport violations reported in BC.
    • MidAm will be revising their bylaws. In the future, all associations will have to be sanctioned by the MidAm.
  • Beth will draft social media policy and share it.
  • Discussion of Safe Sport locker room monitoring policy.
  • Discussion of various social media policy.
  • Sabrehawks has their own website; requested we have a link on the BCYHA site.
  • Jersey numbering: Players requesting a new jersey may request a new number.
  • Website information: When in doubt, we will share it by email. Danielle Mann and Joel Kirk will send out a summary email after board meetings.
  • LeagueAthletics has been bought out, and the appearance of our website may change.


BTHL Representative's Report

  • Elite division - appears unlikely to happen.
  • Will have girls teams - unknown.


MYHL Representative's Report

  • Mike Hallee is now Vice President of the MYHL.
  • End of Season Tournaments for MYHL:  Feb 19-21 (Mite and Bantam).  Mar 4-6 (SQ and PW).
  • Kevin Ackley suggested that Goggin should run the end of season tournament and that the teams would pay the Goggin directly instead of running it through the BCYHA. This appears likely quite likely to happen.


Old Business:

  1. Status of commitment fees paid (see Treasurer’s report)
  2. Setting ice fees. (see Coaching Coordinator report)
  3. By-law edits - voted down, on the premises that few changes were needed, and we need only get through another 9 months.
  4. Paying for coaching level 4 and 5: If we can avoid paying for these and putting it off, we will, due to changes in coaching staff in 2016-17.
  5. Taylor Metcalf Tournament (18-20 March 2016). Greg Cox is taking the lead on organizing this.
  6. BCHS: we will set deadlines for registration August 1, and commitment fee due by August 15. KS will email notifications.


New Business:

See reports


Adjourned:  9:10 PM


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August xx, 2015


September xx, 2015

October xx, 2015



Meeting of 13 Oct 2015  7:02 PM



Beth Akers (Treas) [x]   

Jim Cooper (BTHL) [X]

Greg Cox (VP) [X]

Mike Hallee (MYHL) []

Joel Kirk (Pres) [x]

Danielle Mann (Social Media) [x]

David Marado (Fund Raising) [X]

Kristen Schwind (Registrar) [x]

Brian Steele (Health) [x]

Hank Stevens (Secr) [x]

Kevin Ackley (CC) []

Mike Norton (CC) []


Treasurer’s Report

  • Balance: $19,285
  • Tax return being filed (Apr 30 - Apr 30 fiscal year). All e-documents up to date
  • Tournaments paid. B3 tournament costs to be paid and managed through team.
  • Tourney fees (per player cost)
    • B1 $4175 tourneys- includes Metcalf (cost $1990).
    • B2 $2895 tourneys - (cost recalculated because of roster change. final cost $1900)
    • B3 $0 tourneys - (cost $1300)
    • PW1 $2740 tourneys - (cost $1295)
    • PW2 $1045 tourneys (cost $1200)
    • SQ1 $3625 tourneys (cost $1560)
    • SQB (cost $200)
    • BCHS (cost $1535) (Kevin has been adding kids, both double rostered and new full. The double-rostered players will play a partial fee).
  • Coach fee $3000 for BCHS.. This has been the fee for a long time. Probably due to this team having been derived from the Badin HS team.
  • Helmet stickers purchased.
  • We will send out a fee schedule when we announce the total fees.
  • Adjusted/pro-rated fees for skaters who have dropped out.


Coaching Coordinator's Report

  • No report.


Health/Safety Report (7:55)

  • Concussion statement draft will be sent out shortly.


Goggin Representative's Report

  • no report


Registrar’s report (7:57)

  • Details discussed


Equipment report (7:58)

  • Jerseys
  • Nothing to report


BTHL Representative's Report

  • Games scheduled Oct 5
  • Games started Oct 9


MYHL Representative's Report

  • Schedules completed.


Old Business:

  • None


New Business:

  • Motion to not roster Lady Sabrehawks. Vote passed 9-0-1.


Adjourned:   8:20pm

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November xx, 2015


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December xx, 2015
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