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Teams visiting the Goggin Ice Center,

We are really looking forward to the games that we have scheduled with your team this season!  In response to the current status of our nation's COVID pandemic, a set of policies have been enacted which permit our players to participate in games.  These policies were developed in cooperation with Miami University's Goggin Ice Center, the Miami Youth Hockey association, and the Responsible RestartOhio guidelines for contact sports. (Ohio's guideline document can be read HERE)


There are two documents for you. Each is linked in the list below:

1. Form - General Release of Liability - Bring a copy already signed with you to Goggin to be submitted upon entry to the building.  Please do not email this in advance of arrival.

2. Patron Guidelines for Goggin Ice Center - Read these completely before arrival at Goggin.  These were developed in cooperation with Miami University and Ohio's Restart guidelines for contact sports, 


Of special note within the Patron Guidelines are these items:

  • Minor participants are allowed one person to accompany them into Goggin. That one person must be a parent or adult guardian and must enter the building at the same time as the player. We are sorry, but non-participant minors (ex. siblings) may not enter at this time.
  • All patrons are expected to wear a face covering/mask while inside Goggin. Players should wear a mask up until the time they put on their helmet and should re-mask immediately after removing their helmet. Players are not expected to wear a mask on the bench between shifts in a game.
  • Players should arrive at the rink dressed in at least the bottom half of their gear, but preferably fully-dressed. Skates can be put on in the building. Hockey bags are permitted.
  • Arrival for practice or games must be no earlier than 20 minutes ahead of the start time.
  • {new!} Rolling skate guards are permitted within Goggin while our COVID restrictions are in place. We recognize it is easier for younger kids to come fully dressed, and for parents to help with tying skates, if the rolling guards are used.


Lastly, if you are coming to Goggin Ice Center to participate in a game, please have your team manager forward a copy of your CURRENT official USA Hockey roster (roster link preferred) to the MYH team contact (team manager) at least 2 days before your team's arrival.


Please know our hockey season will look different than we are used to - and will include inconveniences - but we hope you join us in being grateful that we are able to have our kids stay active and enjoy this great sport. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Justin Camuto 

Assistant Director of Hockey

Goggin Ice Center

Miami University